Story by Brad R

Before our treatment with you spring time meant going to the doctor for allergy medication. I thought that's just how life was. I knew to stay away from fruits, nuts, and especially cats. Fruit and nuts made my throat swell shut and cats gave me an instant asthma attack. After being treated these problems no longer exist. We have seen a tremendous change in our oldest son. He no longer takes his four prescriptions and has not been to the emergency room since we started our treatment. His attitude has made a 100% turnaround. He is no longer irritable and he can now be an active boy again. Spring is now my favorite season. Being outside watching my boys running, laughing, and enjoying life means everything to me. It’s amazing how you feel when you have no allergies. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I am very grateful.
- Brad R

Response from Dr. Jay P Wilson, D.PSc.

“There is hardly a symptom or condition that is not either caused, aggravated, or accelerated by allergies.” I have worked with allergies for over 40 of my 50+ years. However, it is just in the last 20 years that the techniques and methods to actually eliminate allergies and not just treat them.Book your consultation with me today. Learn more at!