Story by SH – Minnetonka

Before Dr. Wilson’s care I was miserable. My sinuses were always plugged, I couldn’t smell and I was using Afrin heavily. I was so tired I would come home from work, eat dinner and shortly after go to bed, sleep all night and still feel tired the next day. Though I’m normally a very upbeat person I was starting to feel depressed most of the time over my constant feeling of illness and wondered if this was the way life would be for me now. I also had a lot of right side body pain. After only four months, my sinuses have improved greatly. I no longer need Afrin to help clear them. They have cleared about 50% and I have started to be able to smell things again. I never thought breathing through my nose would happen without sinus surgery but I can breathe through my nose almost all the time now. I have gained a lot of energy and am not going to bed right after dinner anymore. My mood has improved even more and feelings of depression have gone away. The right side body pain has also disappeared. I am so grateful I made the choice to be treated by Dr. Wilson!
- SH – Minnetonka

Response from Dr. Jay P Wilson, D.PSc.

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