Story by T.H> - Mother of A

My five year old daughter suffered from stomach aches for over 6 months that were so painful and disruptive, they caused her to be sent home from school almost every day. She had a lot of stomach bloating and discomfort that was sometimes accompanied by a fever and headache. The only remedy for her pain was to sleep for hours at a time. She had also lost weight and had fallen off her growth curve. As this was, obviously, not normal, we had her into the pediatrician multiple times. During those visits she had her blood tested several times, which revealed she consistently had elevated inflammation markers. This caused her pediatrician to refer us to multiple pediatric GI specialists as they suspected some type of inflammatory bowel disease. However, several tests and thousands of dollars later, no diagnosis was confirmed and we were provided a frustrating “treatment” plan that consisted of trying different drugs on her to see if they’d help. Not being thrilled with exposing our daughter to random, somewhat harsh, medications, we searched for a different option and found Dr. Wilson. He was optimistic our daughter's issues were related to allergies and since starting allergy treatments with him, we are happy to share, she is back to normal kid behavior! She is not on any of the medications the GI specialists recommended and she is doing much better. She has GAINED weight and is back to growing in height too. We are absolutely thrilled with her progress and are forever grateful for the care she has received from Dr. Wilson.

T.H., Mother of A
- T.H> - Mother of A

Response from Dr. Jay P Wilson, D.PSc.

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