Story by Honja K

I have suffered with headaches since grade school. They have varied from low-grade to splitting headaches depending on the day. Doctors attempted to pinpoint the problem: adjusting blood sugars, prescribing me eye glasses, blaming seasonal allergies and sinus problems, but nothing resolved the headaches. I thought it was just a way of life. In college I found an allergy medication that diminished the problem. I quickly became dependent on medication, switching pills when the affects began to weaken, just to find another pill. I have blamed my sinuses for most of my life, rotating from seasonal allergies to household mold and dust. However, in recent years I began to find some more correlations between what I ate and how I felt. Also, I have suffered with a major allergic reaction to cats. Besides the typical runny nose and itchy eyes I also had an asthma related respiratory reaction which sent me to the emergency room. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Wilson and his allergy elimination treatments. Her son had great results and I respected her opinion. I remember filling out the questionnaire at my first appointment regarding my own health and I realized how skewed my “normal” had become. After reading the list of allergies I tested positive for there was no way to avoid the environmental allergens and I had such a wide variety of food allergies it would have been impossible for me to eliminate them from my diet and still actually eat food. Thankfully, my appointments didn’t stop at simply identifying the problem. Dr. Wilson gave me hope and started sharing with me the vision of a “new normal.” After only my first week I felt a major difference as my body was learning how to process food in a whole new/correct way. I have completed my treatments and I’m amazed. Headaches were my major symptom, but now I wake up with energy. I realized my shoulders were always achy and that has been relieved. The (literal) hollow feeling in my stomach has been filled. I’m a mom of two and the playground is actually fun for me. I have always had a joyous and fulfilled life, but now at age 30, I’m able to experience it at a whole new level. Thank you Dr. Wilson. My 4-year-old daughter is now being treated after her first complaint of a “hurting forehead.” I’m so thankful for his work in her life as well.
- Honja K

Response from Dr. Jay P Wilson, D.PSc.

“There is hardly a symptom or condition that is not either caused, aggravated, or accelerated by allergies.” I have worked with allergies for over 40 of my 50+ years. However, it is just in the last 20 years that the techniques and methods to actually eliminate allergies and not just treat them.Book your consultation with me today. Learn more at!