AH, KIDS - Children are exuberant and full of vitality.  Often positive and very curious, they are an example of how we can all live with gusto! In the midst of incredible development- physically, mentally and spiritually- they are discovering themselves and their place in life anew every day.  Unfortunately, through their great ability to absorb, they are also prone to accept limitations. As a child identifies with negative beliefs as part of who they are, the contrast opposes their expansive, robust nature. The seed of dis-ease has now been sown.


A healer is different from a doctor.  A healer looks beyond the blood tests, x-rays, neurological and psychological and all the other -ogical exams, beyond the entirety of the physical world to access the inherent spirit of the patient. What is the spirit?

spirit: our vitality; our consciousness; our part of divine intelligence; our energy body; that which is intimately connected with the creator and creation

Our spirit animates us, directs us and must live in harmony with our perceptions, feelings, and beliefs in order for us to walk through life joyfully.  As conflict arises between what the spirit knows is truth and what gets laid upon it through critical, negative programming, dis-ease can result.

When a child's spirit feels trapped or unable to surpass a limitation, s/he may try to do so by any means necessary.  In the same way sibling rivalry or meltdowns can be brutal, children can turn this energy inward to punish their own system, changing the way that it functions to cause physical disease.  It is not their fault. It is actually an unconscious process once the original judgement has been made by the mind.  There is a greater truth to Jesus' remark, "They know not what they do," than we realize. Research from the CDC, Harvard Medical School, and the American Institute of Stress also supports this by demonstrating that stress and emotional negativity are the root of 90% of disease. Our mind plays a huge role in the creation and maintenance of disease. Though the process is largely subconsciously maintained, physical suffering and emotional conflict are clues of dis-ease in day to day life.


I find it is most effective to clear imbalances in children where they first arise, which is in the energy system.  The energy system is like the training ground for ideas before they manifest into disease. In the energy body, negative ideas get attached to feeling as the child associates them with experience. Clearing the energy body of its emotional limitations is like pulling weeds out from the root.  When the energy is restored, communication is restored.  When communication is restored, function is restored.  When function is restored, the physical body is restored.

The spirit will ally with me to clear limitations at their root when it is given the chance to do so. Deep down, your child has been looking for this opportunity all along.  That is all that symptoms are- a call for help. The child's spirit knows deep down what the problem is.  In fact, the entire time, it is telling ME what to do! This makes the process efficient and effective.  I am simply allying with your child by finding a way to successfully remove roadblocks they are struggling against unsuccessfully.

Energy release methods require no needles, have no toxic effects, and, most importantly, support your child's incredible spirit. 

Here is what I offer your child's energy system

  • A complete workup of the functionality of organs, glands, systems, immunity, communication throughout the body.
  • Clearing the root causes for suffering, whatever they may be. These can include emotional, gestational and inherited causes that sometimes have plagued families for generations. 
  • Release of accumulated emotional baggage that perpetually maintains imbalance
  • Significant shift in the child's demeanor, field and symptomology within the first few sessions. Kids respond very quickly!
  • Realignment at the deepest levels, which maximizes the enormous potential they have with their whole lives ahead of them.
  • Important information about how your child processes information, especially that which the child deems offensive, so that you can understand your child's individuality better.

It is my goal to free your child from the limitations that beset them, from within and without, in order to bless this entire world with their spirit. 

The entire process usually takes 1-4 visits.  You are welcome to join us in the room and see for yourself just how incredibly powerful your children can be.

Josh Eha, L.Ac, C.SMA

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Individual rate per session------65

Family rate per 6 sessions-----360*

*additional sessions are 60 as needed for immediate family members

**Emotional Energy Release is included in all comprehensive treatments along with acupuncture, exercise therapy, lifestyle recommendations and various adjunctive techniques as needed.


Not near the office? No problem. I can do the same great work over the phone as I can in person. Just sign up for the service and I'll email you to set up an appointment for Energy Clearing over the phone. You can choose to pay for one visit at a time or 6 visits for you and your family at a discount.

Purchase Options Single Session $65.00 USD Family Pack 6 $360.00 USD 

CALL (763) 543-9080 TO SCHEDULE


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