Recently I was contacted by a woman who was concerned about the essential oil regime she was using on her three young children. The mom found my upcoming class online, “Aromatherapy for Kids – How Much is Too Much?". After reading the description for the class, the 'alarm bells' went off in her head that she might be overdosing her kids and she realized she needed to understand more about this regime of oils she was told to use by a source on the internet.

She was seeking help for her children who have been recently diagnosed with a syndrome called Pediatric Autoimmune Neurological Disorder Associated with Streptococcus bacteria (P.A.N.D.A.S. or P.A.N.S.) in which a child presents with obsessive compulsive behaviors, and/or motor tics, and symptoms similar to Tourette’s Syndrome. The trigger is often Strep or Lyme's Disease. This is a relatively new disorder causing great concern for parents.

She shared with me her regime of essential oils she was currently using for her three daughters. She was given this regime by a well-intended pastor, with no medical or essential oil training. He used this regime, supported (only) by the company he distributed essential oils for, on his own child with the same illness.

I had to withhold my shock as she reported the regime to me which included the following:.

  • 3 drops each of eight different undiluted essential oils; including oregano (the hottest and most caustic to mouth and throat) for a total of 24 drops of essential oil in a capsule each day, taken by mouth. 
  • 3 drops each of 14 additional essential oils dropped undiluted onto their backs.
  • Five supplements; each included essential oils in their formulation. 
  • Diffusion of essential oils in the home
  • Other miscellaneous undiluted essential oils applied to their skin daily.

Whew! I can’t even attempt to explain here just how far beyond any intelligent, safe, and responsible use of essential oils this is.In the 15 years since I completed my Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate and have been seeing clients, I have seen many questionable regimes however this situation was the most extreme yet. Sadly this type of situation is quickly becoming typical, as well-intentioned parents are being told to use essential oils orally and undiluted on the skin with their children.

I told her I would do some research on P.A.N.D.A.S. and help her by putting together a sensible plan to continue essential oil s use. I believe essential oils can help, but the amount used needed to be scaled WAY back to an appropriate level for young children.

Aromatherapy IS a wonderful natural healing option for your kids, you, and the planet!  Intelligent use of essential oils is really very simple and effective. That means using them as intended as “aromatics,” diluting them with vegetable or nut oils before applying them to the skin, and not ingesting them – unless supervised. Simply follow some basic guidelines and it’s very easy!

The safety guidelines we follow as Certified Aromatherapists are based on research and the chemistry of the oils themselves. In addition, we honor our code of ethics to First Do No Harm!

I am so happy to see more parents looking for natural plant-based options for their families. I am thrilled to see the rise in the awareness of the general public regarding the gifts the plants offer us through their essential oils.

  • Are you wondering about how much is okay to use? 
  • Which oils are okay for children and which ones are not? 
  • Do you know why ingesting oils is not a safe use of essential oils? 
  • Would you know what to do if the oil burned your esophagus or skin?

Please share this with your friends and if you want to learn more come to the studio. I welcome all– from beginner to expert. I don’t care what brand of oils you use, I just encourage you to come and learn how to use them safely.

Aromatherapy for Kids – How Much is Too Much? 

You will learn:

  • how to dilute properly for young skin
  • why they should not ingest essential oils
  • how to save money by not over-using your oils
  • how to get the best effects from you essential oils
  • take home tried and true recipes for ear aches, coughs and colds, cuts and scrapes, sleep, and attention. 

More balanced information on safety info and links:

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Jodi Baglien

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