Ayurveda - The Beginners Guide

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    Significance of Improper diet and lifestyle
    Curing Physical Imabalance

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    Improper diet and lifestyle are the key culprits in creating imbalance in our bodies. It is important we understand our physical constitution and try to maintain it. Being aware of one's dominant dosha and eating foods and performing activities to support them is key to maintaining good health. When you work with an Ayurvedic doctor, they help you assess and understand your dominant dosha and then based on that help you develop a daily lifestyle and diet routine that supports your basic constitution, thereby ensuring long term health.

    In summary in Ayurveda a person is considered to be healthy and beautiful when:
    • The three doshas (vata, Pitta and kapha) are balanced
    • The seven bodily tissues (Plasma/lymph, blood, Muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and reproductive tissue) are balanced
    • The digestive fire is balanced and waste products of sweat, urine and feces are being formed and eliminated correctly
    • the mind, senses and soul are serene and joyful

    Ayurveda provides the knowledge to rectify imbalances thorugh lifestyle changes, activities and diet in accordance to our unique combination of doshas. "Like increases" and "Opposite decreases" in the way to manage doshas. For example - If one finds out that fire (pitta) is out of balance or increasing, they can stop foods and activities that increase it further (example eating spicy foods or laying the sun) and instead make the "opposite" choices.