Let's talk a little bit about the Webster technique and pregnancy. Can you explain to someone who doesn't really know or has not worked with a chiropractor in the past, when they're pregnant, why going and seeing a chiropractor why that is so important and what the Webster technique is? 

Yes, so the Webster technique was formerly known as the breech turning technique, that babies that were breech or were facing the wrong way, not head down, they would be adjusted and helped turn the baby. And so, it's kind of gotten away from being known as a breech turning technique but basically an adjustment or a check to make sure that the baby can move into the position it needs to move. In that, what can happen is when there's a misalignment or subluxation in the sacral area, in the pelvis, there's ligaments that connect the uterus, to the sacrum. There's ligaments that connect the uterus to the sacrum and if that sacrum is misaligned, it can cause a torque on the uterus, which basically doesn't allow a baby to move as he or she needs to, and so if that's going on and the baby's in the wrong position when we make that correction, it can allow a baby to move into the proper position. 

So I've seen expecting moms come in early in case particularly you find that obviously later in pregnancy when the babies, when they can start feeling baby position so it's early you know as early as 33, 34 weeks, but I've had moms come in at 39 weeks with baby in breech position we were able to make that correction we've been able to turn. 

So, and again there can be other reasons that baby is not in a proper position but you know our goal is to make sure giving the baby, the best chance to get into the proper position and if that's going on we need to make that correction so that baby can move into the proper position. 

Is there something that you recommend for pregnant moms to do even in their house to help support the chiropractic care, and what is your advice to them in general? 

Yes, basically for expecting moms to do things they normally do, continue to exercise, drink plenty of water, you know the basic things to be healthy. When we do see moms with specific issues say as the babies breech, there are techniques that, there's a website called spinning babies that we'll have them go to, and help them with that to just specific positions they can get into to help encourage the baby to be in the right position so along with, you know my part of it is to make sure that everything is in alignment to keep the baby the best chance. But then, they can do certain positions to help encourage that as well.