Going through cancer is a traumatic experience, both physically and mentally. For survivors, the process of healing from the ordeal can be a challenge in itself. While healing mind and body will take time, exercise can have a profound positive impact for cancer survivors.

One problem that cancer survivors face is diminished trust in their bodies. Local personal trainer Cathy Skinner developed a program called the Cancer Survivor Wellness Program to help reverse that mistrust through exercise. Specific focus is placed on building strength, balance and flexibility while also addressing weight management.

While study after study has shown that virtually anyone can get a mental health boost from exercise – in addition to its physical benefits – the effects can be profound for cancer survivors, no matter what stage of treatment they’re in. According to Skinner, exercise can help improve body function, range of motion and the ability to manage stress, all of which combine to bolster survivors’ quality of life.

Working with a personal trainer is an essential piece of the healing puzzle. Together, you can discuss what’s right for you, at what stage, and start working toward your goals, whether it’s regaining strength or refining balance that you’ve lost. To learn more, visit www.theartofwell.com or contact us at Studio U to discuss a program of healing through exercise.