Physical Therapy & Postural Restoration®

Sarah's Whole Body Approach:
  • Restores proper alignment
  • Restores and improves mobility
  • Balances movement patterns
Feeling Twisted?
This is not your typical physical therapy. While addressing the primary injury is always important (back pain, joint pain, muscle or ligament injuries etc.), the entire body must be evaluated and addressed to fully rehabilitate, eliminate pain and enhance performance.


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Pilates is a safe yet challenging workout that perfects posture and form in order to prepare you for the challenges it meets everyday and the unexpected challenges you never new you could surpass. Sarah's Physical Therapist background ensures the right training and form to help you come back from an injury or avoid injury all together!

Dance Medicine

Evaluate, Assess, and Instruct
Dancers, or any performing artists, have a unique set of diagnoses and challenges when injured. Injuries and faulty movement patterns are often misdiagnosed by health professionals that are not acquainted with the movements and the demands of the dancer. A Dance Medicine Specialist understands these unique demands; able to correct dance technique/biomechanics that are contributing to injuries.

Group Classes

  • Pilates Reformer
  • Pilates Mat/Springs
  • CoreAlign
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*For those new to Pilates, a private session(s) are highly recommended for both safety and knowledge of how to use the equipment.

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