Julie’s weight loss journey started with her hip.

“It was October 9, 2013,” she says, “and I went to see my doctor about a bad hip. He was honest with me; I was overweight and exposing myself to a lot of health risks. I knew it was time to do something, so he told me about Profile. I went there as soon as I was done with my appointment.”

Starting that day, Julie committed to the Profile program with the help of her coach, Sam. She started following her meal plan and gradually added low-impact exercise to her routine, swimming three to four times per week and exercising at home. She also kept a daily journal of her new journey.

“I was determined. I wasn’t going to let myself down.”

Julie replaced her usual soda with a gallon of water each day. And as the pounds started to disappear, so did her high blood pressure and need for medications.

“At my first medical check-up, my doctor was shocked,” says Julie. “I had lost 92 pounds by then*. His reaction motivated me to keep losing.”

Support System

“There were times I got frustrated,” Julie admits, “It’s been a long journey. But my wonderful husband stuck by my side. When I had a difficult day and wanted to eat the wrong foods, he helped me get back on track and work even harder.”

“I’ve tried other diets and failed,” she says. “But Profile was always there to help me. That’s probably what was missing before – that support system. It’s so important; if you can lean on your coach, family and friends, you’ll never be doing this alone.”

Signs of Success

When Julie started losing, she knew her life would change. But she didn’t realize just how much it would transform how others saw her, or how she saw herself.

“Most people I ran into didn’t even recognize me anymore. They were in total shock!” Julie says. “For once I was being noticed for what a pretty smile I had or how happy I looked.”

“A funny story: my husband took me shopping for new clothes. At one point he was looking for me inside the store, and I was standing right in front of him – he didn’t even recognize me!”

After a 135-pound loss*, Julie had her hip replaced in June 2014. Her confidence continued to blossom and she hit her goal, ultimately losing more than 200 pounds.

“I’ve never felt this good in my life,” Julie says. “I feel so energetic; it’s hard to keep still. I’m walking several miles a day and doing sit-ups. I joined a fitness center again and am back into swimming. I run up and down the stairs with no shortness of breath, something I could never do before*.”

“It’s amazing when I think about how I’ve changed my life. I can actually do things now instead of sitting around and watching everyone else have fun. I always hid behind the cameras, but now I want my picture taken. I laugh more, I’m more sociable…I just feel so happy!*”

Passing it On

Now that Julie’s lost the weight, her next goal is to help others do the same.

“At Profile they share a saying: ‘Don’t stop trying even if you hit a wall, progress is progress no matter how small.’ I printed that out and hung it on my fridge, and it helped me whenever I hit a roadblock. For anyone who needs help, know that if I can do it, you can do it! I am there to support and help 
you. You can change your life just like I did*.”

*Individual results may vary.

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