Pregnancy is an amazing time too connect your mind, body and spirit through yoga.  My yoga practice started prior to my pregnancy, but grew in amazing ways through my pregnancy, postnatally and as a mother.  My yoga practice teaches me daily how to be the best mother and wife I can be and helps me be a better “me”.

In prenatal yoga you’ll learn breath, balance, calm, and surrender.  You’ll learn how to trust your body, how to listen to your intuition, and to believe in the capabilities of your body. You’ll be challenged both physically and mentally. You’ll have the opportunity to clear out of the mind, that which does not serve you.  You’ll connect with babies, and bask in the bliss of savasna, the final resting posture where you get to lay, completely relaxed, and absorb everything good you gave to yourself.  Truly there is nothing like it.

“I offer prenatal yoga classes at Sattva in Uptown.  Wednesdays 6-7:00pm and Saturdays from 9:30-10:45am. No need to register, drop-in anytime. Check my schedule here anytime. “

Want to read some praise from other beautiful women like you? Check out my prenatal yoga testimonials.

So let’s get specific…..
These are all the things that prenatal yoga can do for YOUR body;

    1. connects you to baby
    2. reduces stress
    3. reduces swelling
    4. improves sleep
    5. energizes tired muscles
    6. builds strength and stamina
    7. improves heart health
    8. calms our busy minds
    9. improves digestion
    10. improves alignments
    11. reduces aches and pains
    12. tones muscles
    13. maintains flexibility
    14. practice breath work
    15. connect the mind & body
    16. opens and tones pelvic muscles
    17. improves circulation
    18. improves mood
    19. reduces leg cramps
    20. fosters better posture
    21. increases energy
    22. prepares us for labor and delivery
    23. shortens labor
    24. improves recovery
    25. meet other Mom’s and playmates. connect with others like you in an amazing community!

Trust your prenatal yoga instructor, like you trust your birth professionals.  I have studied prenatal & postnatal yoga since 2004. In addition to my formal yoga training, I completed Birth Doula training, and have been honored to attend the births of some my students.

In 2010 I began teaching other teachers how to teach Prenatal Yoga, after writing a Prenatal Teacher Training Program.  The Prenatal Practice is very different from a usual yoga class, there are many variations from a regular class, seek out a class that fosters your pregnancy in all of it’s amazing stages, with someone you trust!!