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I have personally been able to help with: Women's Health (Pregnancy, Female Infertility, Childbirth, Unexplained Infertility)


Fertility Yoga 8 Week Series - Fall 2018

6-9:00pm Tuesdays ; $425 ; @ Adagio Holistic Therapies
  • Balance Hormones
  • Improve Lining Quality
  • Boost Egg Health
  • Break Stress Patterns
  • Improve Your Chances at Conception
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Whether you are in the midst of fertility treatments, interested in natural fertility methods, or just starting to walk a path of seeking pregnancy, these eight weeks will be an amazing place for you to optimize your reproductive health, while nurturing your mind, body and spirit.Bring with you to the workshop a new journal, and 1” three ring binder for handouts if you like.

Fertility Health Coaching

Having challenges conceiving?
  • Diagnosed with Infertility?
  • Receive Ongoing support and guidance tailored to you
  • Make gradual, sustainable changes that add up to big health
  • Weed through an internet full of recommendations
  • Boost Egg & Lining Health & Optimize Fertility
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The beauty of Fertility Health Coaching is, we will work as a team to gently yet dramatically improve your health. While we work together, there will be no laundry list of lifestyle changes you need to make in a months time. We will mindfully, bi-weekly choose a couple things we can do to upgrade your choices and your health.

Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils Workshop

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Experience a deeply decadent evening just for you and melt into relaxation. Feel the amazing benefits of life slowing down around you, and completely surrender into this relaxation. You’ll also experience the lovely benefits of essential oils while in this deep relaxing state, while letting go of all stress.

Divine Mama’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Divine Mama's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
  • 85 Hour Training
  • Benefits of yoga
  • Stages of pregnancy
  • Anatomy of a pregnant student including the do’s and don’ts
  • Sequencing for pregnancy
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Each attending student must have 200 hours or equivalent in a Yoga Teacher Training. Do you have a passion for working with women, yoga and the prenatal and postnatal body? Join me in this 85 hour Yoga Alliance approved training, and deepen your expertise to one of nurturing and compassion for the female body. Learn about pregnancy, birth and the beautiful capabilities of the female body!

Ayurveda in a Modern World © Series

5 modules focussing on different aspects of Ayurveda
  • Workshop 1 - Ayurveda 101 – Doshas and Vikruti ($40)
  • Workshop 2 - Ayurveda - Dinacharya (Daily Routine) ($40)
  • Workshop 3 - Ayurveda - The Koshas ($40)
  • Workshop 4 - Ayurvedic Nourishment ($40)
  • Workshop 5 - Ayurveda and Women’s Health ($40)
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Ayurveda in a Modern World © Series …is a selection of workshops I developed to help us create more balance in our lives. Jump in to one, two or all of them! Ayurveda is a wonderful way to put balance back into your life. Come join me, and push the restart button, and introduce the calm back into your life.

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Are walk-ins welcome?
No, My appointments are all virtual.
Do I come to your residence?/ Do we send practitioners to your home/residence?
No, My appointments are all virtual.
Do you provide virtual consulations? / Do we provide virtual consultations?
My appointments are virtual through Practice Better & Zoom
I especially love working with
Women trying to reclaim their hormone balance.
Is there a particular age group or population group I service?
Do I work with any healthcare insurance companies?
Health Saving Accounts
Organizations I am involved with

Resolve- The National Infertility Association

I support Resolve- The National Infertility Association through volunteering, speaking, and donations.  I love that Resolve does a great deal of infertility education.  They also help women find a variety of resources, including support groups, practitioners, and help support women and their families through the stress of infertility.  Resolve does a great deal of advocacy work at the government level and they host the wonderful Midwest Family Building Summit once a year, where they bring in different professionals to help educate women about their options, health and possibilities when it comes to treating infertility. 

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