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Discover the 3 Keys to Maximum Health!

1. KNOW YOUR BODY: You will learn how to do a review of your body systems going from head-to-toe to uncover common signs and symptoms seen in patients worldwide in today's clinics.
2. KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Learn how agrochemicals, common household chemicals, cosmetics, and cosmeceuticals affect the endocrine and the immune systems to cause disease. The world obesity epidemic and its comorbidities, and the growing allergy epidemic are all due to environmental pollution! Many of the world's health problems stem from miscommunication between the endocrine system and the the immune system in the face of worldwide pollution. Find out about tested solutions that will work for you and your family.
3. KNOW YOUR FOODS AND BEVERAGES: Discover the common foods and beverages that are involved in current health problems and avoid them. There will still be plenty to eat. Find out what has happened to our foods and beverages that is causing the rapid worldwide health crisis.
In Integrative Immunity, you will discover that your health depends on these 3 Keys. Find these Keys and open the door to your only true wealth; your health!