Allergy cases are on the rise! Allergies are often times frustrating for lack of understanding and lack of knowledge about how to properly treat them.

Rhinitis, or inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes, can lead to postnasal drip, chronic and recurrent sinus infections, sinus pressure, headaches, asthma symptoms of chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing, and also wheezing. The majority of rhinitis cases are treated by primary care health care providers, or else handled by patients who self-treat. However, many care providers do not have a deep understanding of the biological mechanisms of rhinitis symptoms. Also, many patients who self-treat use OTC medications that can actually prolong nasal symptoms! Also, long-term use of OTC medications can pose further, more serious health risks.

Allergic Rhinitis Treatment Secrets Your Doctor May Not Tell You, the first book in the Allergy Detective Series by Benoît Tano, M.D., explores the origins of childhood and adult-onset allergy epidemic, and most importantly, the most effective ways to correct these symptoms. This guide, drawn from Dr. Tano's experience as an Allergist, reveals the mechanisms behind nasal symptoms and shows how using an optimal combination of medications is necessary for effective treatment of nasal symptoms to help allergy sufferers take better control of their allergies!