Kelly Kay, L.Ac.

Energy is everywhere! It's in clients that we work with, it's in spaces that we work in, so energy exchanges can absolutely happen between a healthcare provider and a patient. 

It can happen in a room; if you're seeing a lot of people in a room and you notice when you come into a room and it just feels heavy, it feels, like, you know, you want to feel lighter when you come into a space. So it's really important to maintain your own energetic clarity as much as possible. This happens frequently when you're working with someone else because their energy can be bounced onto you, you're also bouncing energy onto them, and so that's why it's important and responsible for your own energy to be as clear as possible because you don't want to be bouncing your own stuff onto them, right? 

Then also, you don't want to be absorbing what they are going through too much into your own world. You want to be able to stay as clear and centered so that as you go into your own life, you're not carrying a lot of that negativity back with you. There's always going to be energy exchanges no matter what. You want to do it mindfully, you want to do it responsibly, right, so that you are giving your clients the best energy possible, and then you're also not taking in any energy that is not in your highest good.