Story by Scott V

“I have had remote healing sessions with Kelly and have also taken her New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation workshop.

Kelly’s approach is so kind, gentle and empowering. I have found her healings and meditations very powerful and deeply transformative. I’d had some powerful in person Reiki sessions before, but not remote healings. Working with her in that initial remote session, she was so warm and high vibrational, and I could feel she was really tuned in to me. We talked about things going on in my life and anything I wanted her to focus on. After the healing, I felt so much release, and some very important things shifted. She identified my own developed natural healing gifts in my hands, and she encouraged me to work with that. I’d had Reiki treatments before, and had already been considering getting Reiki attunement, but I found the New Paradigm MDT work I got with Kelly was so pure and powerful I really felt even more drawn to that modality than to the Reiki.

Kelly is an earth angel who is truly on this earth to heal and empower others. She is the real deal, very gifted, and I recommend her very highly to anyone looking for energy healing or interested in developing their own healing gifts.”
- Scott V

Response from Kelly Kay, L.Ac., New Paradigm MDT Energy Work