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You know in your heart that you are meant to be an amazing energy healing facilitator. But do you wish you had more support, more training, more skills at your disposal for those difficult cases? Are you burning out, charging less than you are worth for the amazing work that you do? Many energy healers quit or return to their day jobs. I do not want to see this happen to you! There is another option: learn these techniques and turn everything around for your business and your clientele. Whether you practice New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, Reiki, Quantum Touch, or any other energy healing modality, this book can show you how to easily and successfully build a financially abundant business practicing energy work. Kelly Kay, licensed acupuncturist, board certified herbalist and New Paradigm MDT energy worker and instructor, has condensed her knowledge from over ten years in the healing field and dozens of trainings in many different energy modalities to allow YOU to shine as the natural gifted energy practitioner that you are!

This book contains vital information to help you:
Become aware of common blind spots that many energy practitioners have when offering services and how to overcome them
Learn how your energy affects your practice and learn mindset techniques to noticeably improve your business 
Grow in your confidence as you learn some rarely taught but crucial energy practice skills from a busy energy healing practitioner
Learn how to present yourself and what you do in a way that gets people excited and signing up for sessions with you on the spot
Learn specific, advanced healing energy techniques based on the Chinese Medicine meridian system, Esoteric patterns, sacred geometry, working with the ArchAngels and Ascended Masters, and Huna, the traditional Hawaiian shaman system.
Understand quality vs quantity with practice building and decide which is a better fit for you
Be excited to put yourself out there with renewed energy and enthusiasm for what you do!

You could spend years of trial and error in this field struggling to find and keep clients and feel discouraged, but you don’t have to go that route. Once you read this book, you will learn from someone who has been through it all, built a successful healing practice, and wants to help your business grow so that you can follow your soul’s calling to heal and get paid well to do it!