Breathing right to better manage your stress - Roxann Keyes

Roxanne explains how breathing right can make all the difference in the management of stress.

So one of the big things I notice with people who are stressed out, they come and lay on my table, I start people face up, and I watch people’s tummies. The majority, if not 99% of my clients that come in and their tummies barely move. And you might say, “So, what does that mean?” What that means for me and what I’m looking at is that they are not breathing deeply. They are not taking the deep, really coming down into the diaphragm belly breath. What that tells me - because you are probably thinking, “Well they are alive, they are breathing, they are laying on your table, right?” - And yes, that is true. What they are doing though is they are breathing from this part of their body up. Why is that significant? Several reasons. One is, when you breathe from your chest you are using your neck muscles to help you breathe. And there is a specific set on the side that comes off of your neck, vertebra, down under your collarbone and attach to your first and second rib. So you are using them to do your inhalation and your exhalation. So if you have neck/head issues, you are making those worse. By not breathing way down into your belly you’re not using the breath in a manner that would massage your internal organs. Breathing fully down and into the diaphragm, which helps massage your internal organs that will then help them work better too.

The other thing that happens with stress is we tend to when we’re in a stressful environment or a stressful moment or even a traumatic environment we tend to go “hhhuuuuuuuuhhh”. And then a lot of people hold their breath for the next 20 years. Why that’s significant, is when it is done in that stressful moment we are activating and staying in the trauma. And so when we are in that part of our brain we literally, really cannot think properly. And so you have a hard time making decisions. And you feel triggered your whole day. Every little thing just might set you off farther. And it keeps that stress building and building and building. Remember I said our mind, our heads, are connected to our bodies so what happens up here happens in here.

So if we can just take a moment and I start to teach my clients how to breathe, how to bring that breath all the way in to push your stomach up. If you put your hands there and let your hands rise and fall like you are blowing up a balloon. That’s how you should be breathing. People struggle with it. My clients really struggle because we are not used to breathing that way. But what happens when you start to do that is you start to come down. You start to get to a different level. A state of relaxation begins to bring down the stress, the feeling of stress. It starts to relieve the tension within your physical body. It takes you out of that trauma brain and brings you back into the part of your brain that thinks. And so you don’t feel foggy. You get to make better decisions. You’re not triggered. You’re not crabby with your kids or your coworkers. That car ride home from work you can just take some moments and take some big breaths and that way when you walk in and see your kids and be like, “HEY! How was your day?” You just don’t have that edge. So you start to calm down, and your whole body calms down, and your mind calms down, and your body and your mind start to function properly. And you have a calmer life. You’re not triggered, you’re not crabby, you communicate better, you make better decisions, and the easiest thing is the breath.

Roxann is offering free consultation over the phone to see how therapeutic massage and Trauma Touch Therapy can help you. If you would like to take advantage of this, please contact Roxann at 612-270-6323

ABout Roxann Keyes

Roxann Keyes, CMT, Certified Trauma Touch Therapist, is a certified massage therapist specializing in Trauma Touch Therapy and Hypnosis. She works to empower individuals affected by all kinds of trauma and abuse to help them connect within, heal and achieve their life’s goals. This video is part of our Educational Series at Trailhead Health, where our community of amazing Doctors and Practitioners share their experiences to help answer your health-related questions.

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"After knowing Roxann for a few years now, and after using her services, I can honestly say that not only is she a highly skilled massage therapist and coach, she is an absolutely laudable person to know and to work with. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of bodywork and is truly talented at listening to you and being able to recognize exactly what needs to be done." - Allison, Minneapolis

"I have had massages at different times over the last 25 years and Roxann is by far the BEST! Her energy to soothe and restore peace of mind and body are terrific. Her massages adapt to what you AND your body at each session. If you haven’t scheduled time with Roxann, you are missing out on the greatest gift to yourself!" - Wendy, Minneapolis

"Roxann is an amazing massage therapist. She has a unique understanding of how the mind and body are connected, and a wide range of techniques to relieve physical tension and pain. She has a client-centered approach, allowing clients to tailor a session their particular needs, and a commitment to continued learning in her field. I’ve been a client regularly for over 5 years, and always leave her office feeling incredible." - Amy, Minneapolis

Roxann is offering free consultation over the phone to see how therapeutic massage and Trauma Touch Therapy can help you. If you would like to take advantage of this, please contact Roxann at 612-270-6323