We often think that our minds are the most valuable part of us as humans, but what about our body’s wisdom? You know that sensation; the clench of the jaw to keep from saying something awful, those butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous, and the hairs that stand up on the back of your neck when you’re afraid.  That is the language of the body-sensation, and it is trying to tell you something and trying to help you. Pain is a great example- when we feel pain in the body, it often means something is not right. The kind of pain will usually inform you of the course of action, do I need an ice pack or hot bath. Should I take ibuprofen, or something stronger or do I need to go to the doctor?

Take a moment to stop, right now and take a couple of nice deep belly breaths. Notice how you’re sitting, where your body comes in contact with the chair. What other sensations do you become aware of? Are you hot or cold, numb, tingly? Do you notice tightness somewhere? Ask your body what it is trying to tell you. The language of the body is much slower than our minds, so take your time.

By taking the time to notice sensation, you’re calming the nervous system and increasing your ability to think more clearly and therefore make better decisions, and better decisions make for less stress, and less stress makes for a happier you.