Shocking as it may be, January is already nearing the end! It’s a hard time of the year; motivation starts to run dry and New Year’s resolutions get abandoned for old habits. Honestly, it’s not that surprising, is it? Goals and resolutions are both good things, but what most people need to change is their lifestyle. Building blocks like getting exercise and sound nutrition are the foundations of wellness. If you’re looking to establish new, healthy habits in the new year, we’re offering a resource that’s tailor-made for you!

This fantastic class is based on the work of Dan Buettner, author of the book Blue Zones. He traveled around the world looking at populations with long lifespans. They not only live longer but also have a lower risk of disease than the general population. Obviously, life can be prolonged through medicine, but our real goal is one enriched by wellness. This class is based on extensive scientific research looking at what food and nutrients promote a healthy, optimally functioning body. Read on below for a little preview of the sorts of topics we’ll be covering!


You may think we eat too much fat. The truth is, a typical American diet’s balance of fat isn’t as nourishing as other countries. The main reason it’s important to focus on fat in the diet is inflammation. Some of those anti-inflammatory fats are essential fats – your body can’t make them any other way.


Another important aspect of a balanced diet is incorporating foods that are rich in fiber. These foods are processed more slowly by the body. When we eat food filled with simple carbohydrates, we get a quick response. However, when we eat foods rich in fiber and meals with carbohydrates combined with proteins and fats our digestion slows down. 


Toxins are often chemicals, but also may be foods like sugar or alcohol that can create inflammation in the body. Whether or not they’re nutrient dense foods, your body may also be reacting negatively to an unknown allergy or food sensitivity.

Gut Health

Microbiota is the world of bacteria that live in your gut. It’s estimated that 100 trillion bacteria live there, which outnumber the cells in your entire body! A healthy microbiota is crucial for the health of your immune system. If your gut’s damaged, your immune system won’t work properly; which can lead you down the path towards illness.

Simple First Steps

Begin by eating plenty of nutrient-dense foods; get the cells in your body what they need to their jobs! Focus on antioxidant-rich food; as they are anti-inflammatory. Seek out a healthy balance of fats. Lastly, value wellness by managing daily stress and getting enough sleep each night.