Nutritional science is a dynamic, evolving field. As research continues, different foods become more and less advised. For a time, fat was public enemy number one. Currently, a groundswell of information has arisen concerning the downfalls of excessive sugar. While we don’t want to jump on every dietary scapegoat or trendy health plan, we agree that there are huge advantages to lowering your sugar intake. 

We all know how addicting sugary foods can be. If you’ve found yourself craving sweets after every meal or using dessert as a reward; you may want to reassess your relationship with sugar. A good place to start is the free Sugar Craving Assessment offered on this site. From there, we’d suggest tackling the following simple lifestyle changes: 

Start Small. Any new routine or lifestyle change should happen in small increments. Because sugar is highly addictive, quitting cold turkey may do more harm than good. Try phasing out one thing at a time. A realistic start might be limiting how many days a week you indulge in treats. 

Stop Drinking It. Many of us consume massive amounts of sugar and calories in our beverages. From your morning coffee to afternoon soda to evening cocktail, you could be drinking your entire recommended daily sugar intake! It’s not easy, but cutting out the sugar you drink is a fantastic, simple step to get the ball rolling.

Cut Down on Processed Food. Reading labels is another essential way to lower your sugar consumption. Once you start looking, you’ll marvel at how packed with sugar processed foods are! A word to the wise, educate yourself on sugar’s many aliases. Research has shown that are up to 61 different names for sugar on food labels!

Reduce Temptation. It may seem obvious, but, it bears repeating; don’t keep tempting food in the house. If your default mode is a nightly bowl of ice cream, then stop stocking the freezer with pints of Rocky Road. Treats should be just that; a treat! An occasional, special indulgence; not an everyday routine. 

Make Smart Swaps. It’s time to get creative; substitute healthier options for your favorite sweet foods! Instead of reaching for chocolate, ice cream or cookies, eat a bowl of berries for a late night snack. Lower the amount of sugar in your favorite baking recipes, or try swapping in unsweetened applesauce or bananas. The internet is full of food bloggers that are masters at this; take advantage of their expertise!