In this video: Why it’s important to seek chiropractic help after car accidents or falls.

One of my more recent patients came in about three weeks ago because they were involved in a pretty significant car accident. They were sitting at a stoplight and not necessarily paying attention to the person approaching them from behind, but the speed limit was 50 miles an hour and the person unfortunately ran into my patient rear-ended them. The other vehicle is going 50 miles an hour and this poor woman was completely at a dead stop.

She suffered aggressive flexion and extension in her neck. Her head actually hit the steering wheel and the headrest, and she blacked out for a moment, not for a long period of time, but she blacked out. Immediate headaches, tons of pain shooting down into her arms. She had never had pain like that before, she was really scared. Ambulance came and picked her up, they brought her to the hospital and they did an x-ray and a CT scan.

The x-ray didn't show any broken bones, and the CT scan didn't show any hemorrhaging, so they sent her home with a muscle relaxer. That was incredibly frustrating for her because it didn't help at all. They didn't do anything more than just say oh, your spine is not broken. Well we can't do anything for you then, from a medical standpoint, see you later.

This is where I then met up with her. She came into the office thinking that maybe there's something chiropractic can do and after doing a thorough exam taking some x-rays doing some orthopedic tests and testing her reflexes, found out that she had a significant whiplash sprain/strain injury in her upper back, neck area, that was severely compressing the nerves that came out of her neck and went on her arms. With that flexion and extension, that's why she was experiencing pain shooting down her arms.

After her first week of treatment she actually is not experiencing any of the numbness or tingling or shooting pain down into her arms. The road to recovery after a big accident like that, unfortunately doesn't happen overnight. She will have a few more series of treatments moving forward, but just after a few chiropractic adjustments and some simple stretches and exercises that I was able to teach her, she has been able to go back to work she's been able to actually function in a normal life, rather than having to sit and take these muscle relaxers and just hope and pray that it's going to work. Chiropractic is such a great holistic, non-invasive way to rehabilitate, not only the spine but the muscles, from a terrible accident.

Whether it be a car accident or a bad fall, that's one of my more recent, exciting testimonials that I've had.

About Dr. Dana Schomberg: , DC

Dr. Dana is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a B.S. In Kinesiology and Exercise Science and received her Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2000. She has been practicing for 8 years at the West End Chiropractic in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. She is in general practice and sees a variety of patients with a range of conditions including arthritis, back and neck pain, whiplash, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel, old muscular tightness, and tension. Other areas of expertise include sports medicine, and treating female patients that suffer from headaches and migraines. Dr. Dana is also the official doctor for the Minnesota North Star Roller Derby team, who fondly refer to her as "Doc Bones"

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