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Patient story about an 8 month old baby with severe ear infections.

One of my most recent favorite patient testimonials or patient success stories is about an 8 month old little boy and he came in to see me originally with his mother of course, because he had tremendous ear infections. He was actually on his fourth ear infection and his mom didn't want to give him a fourth round of antibiotics because the third round of ear infection antibiotics that he was on, didn't even hardly help, and that's why he ended up with this fourth one.

Unfortunately as the last resort, she brought the little kiddo in here and after looking into his ears I was able to see that his eardrums are incredibly red. He had actually fluid building up behind the eardrum. What I told the mother is, there's some adjustments that we can do to the neck, and to the ears, and just the upper back area to help clear out the fluid that's building up and get rid of some of that infection.

The little kiddo, even though he wasn't super excited or happy to have me touch his little sore head and neck, we did a couple of adjustments over the span of a week, we actually did three, and at the fourth visit when he came back in and I looked at his ears, there was no more redness in eardrum there was no more fluid that was building up in the ear. The mother said that she has never seen him as happy and as smiley as he had been in a very, very long time.

That was really amazing because unfortunately a lot of times people don't realize that, when you have an ear infection, you might not need an antibiotic, you might just need a little bit of help to drain the fluid. If you get the fluid out of there, ear infection heals and the kid feels a lot better.

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