In this video, Dr. Dennis Woggon explains how he began his research in Scoliosis and how The CLEAR Protocol and their specially trained doctors help their patients:

"So around 30 years ago I was working with a friend of mine who was a Doctor of Chiropractic.  His daughter had scoliosis and it was pretty severe; they wanted to do surgery on her. So, we started the standard scoliosis protocols for chiropractic, adjusting "High Side of the Rainbows" [convex side of the curvature], and it just didn't work. We got her down a little bit, but, it was like hitting a brick wall; nothing changed!

For the next 17 years we really studied and focused on scoliosis and understanding that scoliosis is a lot of abnormal biomechanics, and what that means is it doesn’t function like a normal, regular spine would. For example, if I laterally flex to the left side all the spinous would rotate to the right side. Well in scoliosis they rotate to the opposite way. Now that's fascinating to me, I mean why does it do that? And the reason is when we look at the spine like this when I bend to the left side the spinal cord has to go over the hill, but when they rotate to the inside then the spinal cord goes through the valley. So, the body’s innate intelligence adapts in time and need to its environment and the spinal cord’s environment is the spinal canal, which has a lot to do with that. Once I started to understand how that functioned I realized that we could eliminate spinal cord tension. We can get the spinous to start to rotate back to normal. And when the spinous rotate, that the ribs follow and that’s where the rib arch comes from, or the rib "hump"-not my favorite word, so we call it a rib arch! As the ribs follow that, that causes that spinal deformity. So, we’ve been able to, by changing that, getting the adverse mechanical tension off, I’ve been able to help a lot of these kids cosmetically, as well as avoiding surgery. And the doctor that I was working with, his daughter never did have to have surgery once he got this thing figured out. And now she’s married and she has two kids- she's doing great."

What an amazing story!

Q: What do you say to the other chiropractors and the other doctors, that are on our platform, [Trailhead Health], about scoliosis?

A: "Probably that the average chiropractor can't really treat scoliosis unless is a very small curve. But I think rather than referring that patient to an orthopedic surgeon, recommend him to a CLEAR Doctor first. You know, the CLEAR Doctors have been trained with a 300-hour post-graduate program in scoliosis that we do through the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute. It’s approved by Parker University out of Dallas, Texas for CEE. It's the ONLY scoliosis class or curriculum that actually has CEE accreditation through a chiropractic college! The CLEAR Scoliosis Institute is a nonprofit institute, so we're not focused on the money; we're really focused on helping patients! And the other thing that what we do; as the CLEAR doctors want to work together with the referring doctor, help co-manage that patient together. It's definitely a niche practice when it comes to scoliosis, not every doctor wants to do that.

I think every doctor does want to work together for the benefit of their patient. The idea is "All Working Together" and this includes medical doctors, it includes the orthopedic surgeons, working together for the benefit of the patient."

That’s great! Thank you Dr. Woggon.