Your First Visit

  • Comprehensive History Review
  • Scoliosis Examination
  • X-Rays
There have been countless CLEAR success stories where scoliosis reduced or even corrected, but it is vital that the doctor and the patient work together as a team. Each CLEAR Visit utilizes a Trademarked scoliosis correction protocol we call MIX, FIX, SET.

Step 1: "The Mix"

Equipment Used
  • The Wobble Chair
  • Vibratory Traction
  • Eckard Table
  • Core Stim
The first phase is designed to prepare the body for treatment! Warm-up exercises, massage, and the aforementioned specialized equipment is specifically designed to relax the muscles and the spine. This process is generally painless and relaxing for our patients.

Step 2: "The Fix"

Once the supporting spinal structures are loosened and pliable, the doctor will then direct the spine into proper alignments, referred to as The Fix. Our method of adjusting is based off of decades of clinical research by hundreds of doctors. We have taken "the best of the best" adjustments and apply it to the scoliotic spine!

Step 3: "The Set"

The last step is to reeducate the body's supporting muscles to hold and maintain your newly corrected positions. The body's weaker areas must be rebuilt; our approach is through a precise spinal weighting and exercise system. This system features specific exercises and also head, shoulder and hip weights designed specifically for you. This allows for the body's nerve system to become reprogrammed!

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