Question: Why do people act foolishly under a state of hypnosis? We have seen stage shows - with people following commands and acting foolishly?


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Ms. Roberta Fernandez, Board Certified Hypnotist & Certified Instructor

It is true that people will follow commands under hypnosis, but those participants volunteer to get up on the stage and agree to do what the hypnotist tells them. Listen carefully to see how the hypnotist asks for this agreement. If he doesn't think someone will be cooperative, he will ask them to leave the stage. People are asked to do silly things, but if the requests went against someone’s true values, they would not cooperate – and remember, the show is meant to be funny. It is also quite common that there are “plants” in the audience that will help the comedian/hypnotist look good, and there are people who will fake being in trance in order to make the show, or themselves, more entertaining. (Also see the next question)