Persistent or recurring low back pain and tight hips are a common concern. Come and learn from physical therapist Doug Merz how muscles become habitually tight and why tight back muscles can contribute to leg and hip joint pain.

Doug will discuss somatic exercises and techniques to relax the back, waist, hips and legs that, when unconsciously and habitually contracted, contribute to limited mobility, muscle and joint pain. Learn the importance of integrating the upper body with the legs and hip joints for improved alignment in the pelvis and spine to reverse back and hip pain, and achieve more fluid walking, running, flexibility, balance and coordination. This program is of special interest to anyone who is recovering from an injury, or anyone who has "tried everything," for long term back and hip joint pain relief.

Register online ( or call 952-935-2002

$25 for Marsh members, $30 for non-Marsh members


  • April 25th, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM