Medical Conditions

Our expertise: Injuries and Wounds (Sports Injuries, Back Injuries, Neck Injuries and Disorders), Chronic Pain, Back Pain, Bones, Joints and Muscle Health (Neck Pain, Arthritis and Joint Pain), Mental health and Behavior Disorders (Chronic Illness, Coping)


Physical Therapy

Inside Merz Physical Therapy, you’ll find the latest in specialized exercise and rehabilitation equipment, a key component for most rehabilitation programs.

Aquatic Therapy

A full-size lap pool and warm water therapy pool offer exceptional complimentary therapy approaches.

Wellness Education

We provide numerous seminars on various wellness topics. Our staff can help point our patients to these resources. It’s our belief that education is a proactive approach for health and well-being.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a skilled intervention provided by our physical therapists for the management of muscle-skeletal pain and movement impairments. This technique uses a thin needle to stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points.

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