Here are a few questions that Carole addresses during an Integrative Space analysis—some more relevant to new construction and some to a building that is being remodeled or reconfigured:

  • Where is the building going to be sited?
  • What’s the best direction the building should be facing?
  • How does the building relate to the roads?
  • What’s behind the building?
  • Are the all-important 5 Elements evident in the entry?
  • Where is the CEO’s office going to be?
  • Where’s the desk going to be in this office?
  • Where do employees eat?
  • In what area is the back door situated?
  • What about those elevators?
  • What colors are best?
  • Does lighting matter in Feng Shui? (Yes, it does.)
  • Where is the best place for the conference room(s)?
  • What kind of artwork is appropriate in patient rooms?
  • What kind of artwork is appropriate in the reception area?
  • What kind of artwork is appropriate in an office?
  • What happens in the hallways?
  • How can Feng Shui be applied in patient rooms?
  • Does the outside matter? (Yes here, too.)

Each space will have its own set of considerations that Carole will assess and determine whether it requires mitigation or enhancement.

At the start of the project, Carole Hyder will provide you a contract outlining specific aspects of her work with you.  She will remain a part of the project until all of these aspects have been satisfactorily completed.

She is always focused on supporting you on your journey.  Therefore, as other areas of the project develop, you may find that Carole’s Integrative Spaces approach is needed in additional aspects of the development of your healthcare facility, not originally included:  a new team member has been hired and needs an Integrative Space assessment of their office; an area isn’t ending up with results you and your team wanted; the color palette is being changed; rooms are being re-configured; to name a few.

About the Author, Carole Hyder:

Carole’s innovative work has been incorporated in hundreds of residential and commercial environments, with a recent focus on the healthcare industry. She has been the Feng Shui consultant for Hudson Hospital since 2003 and has consulted with several other healthcare establishments since that time as well.

She is founder and past president of the Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating standards for practitioners, providing continuing education and community outreach. Carole is also an international speaker on various Feng Shui topics and has appeared regularly on TV programs in the Twin Cities area.

Besides authoring articles in countless publications, Carole has written three books: Wind and Water: Your Personal Feng Shui Journey; Living Feng Shui: Personal Stories; and Conversations with Your Home: Guidance and Inspiration Beyond Feng Shui.

She has also produced a video/DVD entitled The Science of Feng Shui: How and Why Feng Shui Works. Her recent collaboration with Grammy-winning producer and musician Jeff Bova has produced two CDs:  Harmonize Your Home and The Bridge Home, both created with the express intention of incorporating positive Feng Shui principles in the space.

In 1998, Carole founded The Wind and Water School of Feng Shui, a 7-month certification program for those interested in studying Feng Shui in greater depth. The School, licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, has graduated over 400 students since its inception and boasts an active student community.