January is usually a time to make resolutions and aim for big changes. Our goal this year is to strive to find joy and happiness in what we already have, and in whatever may come into our lives as the year progresses. Did you know that we can actually reshape our brains so that thinking positively becomes easier and easier?!

​For this month’s blog I am going to refer you to an awesome article written by Steven Parton; I encourage you to take a few minutes to give it a read. He simplifies the scientific explanation behind reshaping the brain, shows how it can become instinctual for the brain to look at every situation from a more positive perspective, and how negative thoughts can truly have a negative impact on your health.

This year, instead of making a resolutions or focusing on things that you need to change, we suggest that you remain open to new possibilities and keep a positive outlook on all aspects of your life. Learn to skew your thinking toward the positive, accept and learn from all experiences, and choose happiness!
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