This video is part of our Educational Series at Trailhead Health, where our community of amazing Doctors and Practitioners share their experiences to help answer your health related questions. In this video, Wendy demonstrates a simple Arch and Flatten Demo to help relax our back muscles.

So Karen let's begin. Let's have you bend your legs, one at a time, and just move through a few arch and flattens. As you arch your back, feeling those back muscles contract, and then slowly let the back float down. Those muscles just melt, relax and release along the way. Then pause at neutral. Nice breath and go into that flatten. Great, so lengthening out those muscles so we are going into muscle contraction, on purpose, so that we can retrain those muscles, how to let go, and release. We live in a very stressful culture and our body creates memories of that stress,  so here we have an opportunity to re-educate the body through conscious movement. And when our body feels more supple, our mind is more quiet and relaxed as well.

All right, so do you feel complete with that Karen? Okay, so let's now have you roll on to your belly.... (click below to see the next video)