Story by Bethany S

"My doctor suggested that I try Reiki out as a complementary modality to help me through the healing from a stem cell procedure that I had done a couple months ago to heal my spinal fractures. I had a few sessions of energy clearings and reiki with Nicole before the procedure and then had her there working on me on the procedure day. Each time I had sessions with her I felt more and more relaxed and recharged. The procedure was a very beautiful experience and I attribute a significant part of that to Nicole and her energy work. Another noticeable benefit to the clearings and reiki was that I experienced much less pain than I was warned I might experience after the procedure. I only needed to use my pain medication for not even 2 full days!

I was very intrigued by Reiki and was pleased to find out that Nicole was offering a Reiki Level One workshop a couple weeks after my procedure. The workshop was so impactful and wonderful. I received an attunement and learned to send Reiki to myself and others hands on. I began a nightly self-practice that has become a very important part of my healing process.

After the procedure, I developed severe nerve pain, as a result of wearing my back brace, that would keep me awake for hours a night. Once I started my Reiki self-practice immediately before bed, I was able to relax enough to fall asleep before the nerve pain set in. The nerve pain also seemed much less severe when I sent Reiki before sleeping. This resulted in being able to get more high-quality sleep which my doctor stated was vital to the healing work my stem cells are doing.

Working with Nicole has been truly amazing. Her gentle support, guidance, and sweet nature are a breath of fresh air through this challenging and exciting healing journey. Reiki energy will surely be a part of my life going forward and is a big support to my healing. I cannot recommend Nicole and her energy work highly enough and thank her greatly for the care, expertise, and important work that she does."
- Bethany S

Response from Nicole Pugliese