Dr. Paul: If you break an arm, you put that arm in a cast, right? And six weeks later, eight weeks later, how long you're in that cast, you take it off and you look at that arm and it's shriveled, right? Like there's nothing left of it. The muscles have atrophied; so how do you get that back? 

Well you can't do a nutritional supplement or a diet to get it back. You actually have to use it! You have to use it or lose it. You have to contract that muscle, you have to use it with grip strength or with, you know, some sort of rehab. And that's very similar to the brain; if you don't use it or if it's not being activated to its full potential, it just can't function to its capacity. We can give you good nutrition or supplements to dampen inflammation, but we still have to activate the brain to make it work better. Because it has to generate protein, and it has to talk to the other neurons, and start to produce what's called neuroplasticity, and better communication, efficient communication, increased conductance speed, all that kind of stuff so it can start to work better. That's where the neurological therapy comes in; we can give you specific rehab or do the rehab in our office based on where your complaints are where the function is maybe lacking a little bit and isn't optimal, and, you know, try to get that back up "to Par." And our results have been, you know, pretty good with brain fog activity. But, again, that's usually not the only complaint the patient has, it comes along with something else that they're suffering from.