Question: Is there any medication at the end of the Acupuncture needles that goes into the body for treatment?


1 Answer


Jennifer E Winer, L.Ac. , Dipl. Ac., MSOM, Fertility Expert, Viola Practitioner

Absolutely Not.There is no medication. The needles work by themselves.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, the reason for pain, disease or other medical problems in the body is the blockage or Qi or Vital Energy in our Energy pathways (meridians) within our body. Our body has over 2000 acupuncture points (on these meridians) where the needles can be inserted, in order to unblock this Qi. This flow of Qi, helps the body become balanced again.

In Western Medicine terms Acupuncture does the following for our body:

  • Stimulated oxygenation and the Nervous System
  • Gets the endorphins and natural pain killers working in our body
  • Balances hormones
  • Promotes better circulation
  • Decrease Stress and help us relax
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Boosts Immunity