Various Benefits
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Pain Management
  • Quicker Recovery
Acupuncture is the quick, yet gentle insertion of very fine needles at specific points on the body. This process stimulates movement of energy within the body, allowing and promoting natural healing to take place. Acupuncture practitioners are trained to select these points, based on over 3,000 years of experience in China.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic approach to healing through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, food therapy, cupping, auricular acupuncture, tui na, and gua sha. Depending on your unique needs, your JADA practitioner may add the following services as a part of your acupuncture/dry needling treatment.

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Additional Information

Are walk-ins welcome?
No, Please schedule an appointment
Do you provide virtual consulations? / Do we provide virtual consultations?
Only before the first visit, to see if we are a good fit!
I especially love working with
Athletes - Pro and Elite
What type of payment forms are acceptable?
Most forms of payments accepted
Do I work with any healthcare insurance companies?
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