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    Reiki originated in Japan in early twentieth century and was brought to US by Reiki Master Takata in late 1930’s in Hawaii. 

    The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words
    Rei = Universal (as in present every where and in every thing)
    Ki = Life force (Vitality or Energy or force or light of life present in all living beings)

    Reiki cannot be created or destroyed. Any living being has the universal life force within. A healthy mind/body/spirit has easy flow of this life force and therefore balance. When one has any ailment, the body has diminished life force and therefore unable to heal itself. Once replenished, the body is able to heal itself and come in balance again.

    You do not need to believe in Reiki for it to work; you only need willingness to experience it. When one learns to give or receive reiki, one has a way to connect to the universal life force.

    A Reiki practitioner does not diagnose or manipulate your energetic imbalance; a Reiki practitioner will access the field of vibration that surrounds your body and encourages it to move toward balance. 

    You do not need to believe in Reiki for it to work; you only need willingness to experience it.
    Your experience as a recipient will be unique to you. You may feel warm tingling, while others feel subtle pulsations or waves. There are those who feel nothing however, they are so relaxed that they fall into a deep sleep. 

    The possibilities of how Reiki can help you will be endless. 

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    People commonly seek reiki for

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    Reiki encourages your system to reach it’s own balance, the possibilities of how Reiki can help you will be endless. 

    People commonly seek reiki for:

    Depression and other Mental Health Issues
    Insomnia (sleep disorder) 
    Chronic Illnesses
    Inflammatory Conditions 
    Cancer and terminal conditions
    Cardiac Disease 
    Recovery from injury or surgery 
    Strengthen immunity
    Digestive problems

    Reiki can be used complimentary to almost any other treatment.

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    What to expect during a Reiki visit

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    During initial visit, the Reiki practitioner will spend time, ask what you are there for, and collect some historical information regarding the specific issue. Once that has been established, you will lie on a massage table, fully clothed, and the practitioner will start by placing their hands on your head and slowly working their way towards your feet.

    There is a really nice description on what to expect during a reiki session in the article below. Please check out the illustrations.

    Choosing a Reiki practitioner is a personal and subjective process. Please note, Reiki therapy should always be considered supportive and complimentary to any standard medical treatment. While there are no state licensure requirements specific to Reiki, some states require Reiki practitioners to be licensed as Massage Therapists to practice Reiki. You can look at their education, experience or certification level however, ultimately trust yourself and choose the one you feel most comfortable with.