ARP Wave Neurological Therapy

Four- Step Process
  • Balance
  • Search
  • Address
  • Strengthen
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ARP Wave Neurological Therapy addresses the neurological origin of physiological symptoms, not the physiological symptoms themselves. The Origin of pain or injury is not identified by symptoms, rather, symptoms are simply how an injury manifests itself superficially. Put another way, if you have pain in one area of your body, the source of that pain is likely to be coming from another area!

Injury Specific EVO Neurological Therapy

  • Evo Therapy for Joints
  • Evo Therapy for Concussions
  • Evo Therapy for Muscles and Ligaments
  • EVO Therapy for Bone Breaks

POV Rehabilitative Strength Training

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POV rehabilitative strength program is the direction taken when there is substantial neurological inefficiency in muscle firing that will lead to pain and potential injury.

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