50% Off 
At home chiropractic visit for your pet 
with Dr. Jen Schommer, DC, CVSMT 
At home chiropractic visit for your pet 
with Dr. Jen Schommer, DC, CVSMT
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How Do I Know My Pet 
Needs Chiropractic Care?
Chiropractic care can benefit pets with both acute injuries and chronic conditions:

• Your pet is walking funny (limping) 
• Your pet has difficulty rising, sitting, or standing 
• Shaking/tremors in the limbs or the body
• Trouble sitting (sitting on one hip rather squarely)
• Your pet seems to have developed a hunched back
• When performing the usual activities with them, your pet is not acting like their usual self
• If your pet is sensitive to touch

• Bladder problems
• Bowel control problems or upset stomach
• Changes in behavior
• Change in eating pattern or appetite
• Arthritis
• Soft tissue muscle or ligament injury
• TMJ, your pet is having trouble chewing food
• Sudden difficulty with stairs 

Using gentle, hands-on chiropractic techniques, in the comfort of your home, Dr. Jen works to fix some common problems that pets encounter. After treatment, the pet owners commonly report decreased pain, improved range of motion and mobility, better bladder control, better mood, better athletic performance and a happier, healthier animal! 

Why Dr. Jen comes to you, especially for the first visit with your pet:

In my experience, dogs and cats are most comfortable at their home. It is much easier to start building trust with your pet in their natural setting. If your dog or cat is experiencing some amount of pain, often times it is easier for me to come to you versus transporting them to me in and out of the car, their kennel, or their carrier. 
Dr. Jen Schommer DC, CVSMT
Hi there!

Ever since I was a child I have had a very strong passion for animals. I was debating between Chiropractic and Veterinarian school until I was shown that animals can benefit from a holistic, non-surgical, non-medicated form of treatment just like people can. Once I saw my first horse adjusted I was “sold” on furthering my education to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. 

I received my Bachelors of Sciences degree in Biology with a minor in chemistry and psychology from Minnesota State University, Mankato. I then moved back home and enrolled at Northwestern Health Sciences University where I received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. The following year I enrolled at the Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Sturtevant, Wisconsin to pursue my passion for chiropractic treating animals with chiropractic care. After some intense training I was Certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (CVSMT). 

I've had the wonderful opportunity to treat a variety of animals, from young to old, large to small. Being able to treat our four-legged friends has been extremely rewarding. It is a very special experience to see the pain disappear, the function return and the smiles and wags start again.

Thank you for reading! 
Dr. Jen
What people are saying about Dr. Jen Schommer and their pets, after the adjustments...

Link is my 14 year-old Border Collie. He had been slowing down and struggling with weakness of his hind legs. His vet put him on Rimadyl, which helped, maybe too much. Two days later he saw he was going for a walk and bolted down the stairs, but landed hard. After that he held his head crooked, would fall over when he tried to walk, couldn’t shake his head, had troubles using the stairs and troubles eating. His vet could see it was a spinal cord disruption and suspected a tumor, she even suggested euthanasia. I had heard of animal chiropractors and being a chiropractic patient myself, I knew I wanted to give him a chance to feel better. I found Dr. Jen and she came over the next morning! After just one treatment he was able to walk without falling. He has now had four treatments and is having no troubles at all. Now I tell fellow animal lovers Link’s story every chance I get, so they will consider animal chiropractic if their pet has symptoms.

Thank you Dr. Jen for saving my Link!
Connie R.

Our 8 year-old pug, Lavi, went from loving walks to almost always needing to be carried during at least part of them. We assumed that she was just getting older and her body was slowing down a bit, and really didn't think too much about it. We met Dr. Jen the same day Lavi decided to jump out of her stroller and landed on her hip. Jen checked her out for us and realized that her back was out of alignment, so after our vet signed a form Dr. Jen came to our home and gave Lavi her first adjustment. Within the first day of treatment Lavi started to sit straight without leaning on one side. When we took her for a walk the next day she was full of pep and energy.

We are so happy for chiropractic care and Dr. Jen!
S. and L.


Bert the cat is a very special cat! When our baby was born, he became very much attached to her and didn’t want to leave her side. When she began walking and would give Bert hugs and cuddles, he would purr and soak it all up. They were playing on the floor and the toddler went to get up to leave, but she lost her footing and accidentally fell on Bert’s lower back. Bert was in pain and didn’t want to walk around and be as playful, so we brought him to the vet. He was diagnosed with a soft tissue injury. I know the wonders that chiropractic can do for people with soft tissue injuries, so I contacted Dr. Jen to evaluate Bert. She came to the house (so convenient!) and was very patient with Bert (and the toddler) and after three adjustments, Bert was able to play and be the toddler’s baby once again!

We couldn’t be happier! Thank you!
A and J

This summer our dog, Rocko had a neck injury after being bit by a snapping turtle. We knew that just veterinary care and pain pills were not going to cure him and bring the bounce back to his step. So I began the search for an animal chiropractor who could bring help to an ailing dog who could no longer lift his head or shake it without yelping in pain. We found Dr. Jen and our lives have been blessed in such a positive way. First, she came to our home where Rocko was comfortable. She took time to get to know him and with the first adjustment we saw results, Rocko shook his head! With a few adjustments Rocko was doing awesome. Dr. Jen would barely get in the door and Rocko would greet her and sit on her lap waiting for his adjustment (and treats too)! We are so blessed that Dr. Jen took such great care of Rocko, he is back doing all his favorite things such as walking, ball chasing and riding in the boat.  We owe a lot to Dr. Jen! 

Thank you so very much!

Tim, Lisa and Rocko


Kali is our 5-year-old cat; she injured her hip one day when she managed to sneak out of the house. We are unsure what happened when she was outside, but when she came back inside she no longer wanted to jump or play. We brought her to our veterinarian, but she was unable to determine the extent of Kali’s hip injury because nothing showed up on routine tests or x-rays. Kali went through several months of rest, pain killers and muscle relaxers, but still refused to jump or play. Kali would walk around the house crying, because she couldn’t even climb her cat hut. Kali started receiving treatments from Dr. Jen. I wasn’t sure how Kali would do (we all know how unpredictable cats can be), but Kali seemed to know that Dr. Jen was there to make her feel better. It has taken some time and a few chiropractic adjustments, but Kali has fully recovered from her mystery hip injury. 
Thank you Dr. Jen!
Mary Beth and Jeremy


When Piper was 8-years-old she was in the field pheasant hunting, which during hunting season was a normal weekend event. Just as Piper was crossing over a shallow creek, she fell to the ground and proceeded to kick and twitch her hind legs. It was though she was having a seizure and it lasted for over 20 minutes! We were so scared! After this episode, Piper was unable to walk normally, couldn’t squat to relieve herself and was in extreme pain. The veterinarian discovered the Piper had limited feeling in her hind legs and this was the result of a bulging disk. We were advised that she would need surgery and would never be able to hunt again. We did some research and found that the success rate of back surgery in dogs is not good and Piper would most likely be in pain for the rest of her life. That is when we met Dr. Jen. After a couple of months of treatment we have our Piper back and she still continues to pheasant hunt. She has saved our dog’s life and saved her from painful and costly spinal surgery. Piper still continues to get regular adjustments every few months and she is always very excited to see Dr. Jen when she arrives.
We owe so much to Dr. Jen!
The W. Family

We adopted Ernie and couldn’t be happier! He is such a happy, go lucky guy that when he fell down the deck stairs playing fetch and couldn’t get up so easily, we knew something was wrong. After one adjustment with Dr. Jen (whom Ernie absolutely loves), we could see dramatic and positive changes! Ernie didn’t whimper when he got up from lying down and he didn’t whimper when he got into his potty positions anymore like he had been. We then knew that animal chiropractic worked miracles for our pup! After just a few adjustments, Ernie was back to his happy, fetch loving self. We absolutely loved that Dr. Jen came to our house and that we didn’t have to bring Ernie in the care with as much pain as he was in! She was very thorough and definitely took her time with all of our questions and concerns. And Ernie gives Dr. Jen a “paws up” for her delicious treats!

We are so grateful for Dr. Jen and for Animal Chiropractic!
J and J


Our whole family loves and benefits with chiropractic care, so when we adopted Scout as a pup, we just knew we wanted her to benefit from chiropractic care as well. We found Dr. Jen and we couldn’t be happier with Scout’s progress and happiness, especially when she comes to visit! We totally believe in maintaining great health through chiropractic care!
Thank you for keeping our Scout healthy and happy!
A and Z

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